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We are fully committed to supporting you to identify and work through any issues you may have – including difficult life experiences or past problems that are impacting your present feelings or behaviours.

We will recommend suitable counselling options for you making your experience as easy and stress-free as possible.


Cyber-crime can happen to almost everyone who is a member of a social networking website or even who is doing online transaction to carry on business. But you never know how it is happening unless you become a victim.

The impact of cyber-crime on a person can leave a lasting trauma which can affect the mental health of the individual. We are to here to hear your problems and provide counselling and guidance to you.


We provide digital locker facilities that stores all medical reports of our clients, which can be accessed anytime from anywhere by the them. It is a cloud-based, highly encrypted, health record storing and management platform that not only makes data accessible 24×7 but also allows the clients to share them with a medical professional./p>

This ensures all the medical information needed for a correct diagnosis is available for the doctor when needed..

Disclaimer :

Creating Miracle does not provide any kind of Psychiatric or Medical advice.

CONFIDENTIALITY is our major goal.

Without CLIENT’S Consent, Digital Health Record Locker will not be Allotted.

We are not a medical service or suicide prevention helpline. If you are feeling suicidal, we would suggest you immediately call up a suicide prevention helpline or seek medical help.