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I miss you and love you. That’s what I read on my husband’s WhatsApp pop-out notification. And I had heard too much of in the past. I was enticed to read the conversation. Until it was t...

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The healing sciences and India have a relationship that is centuries old. The first known recorded evidence of the medicinal properties of plants and minerals dates back to around 4500 BC. This is the...

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All in the Mind.

  • 22 Oct 2020

It is all in the mind is an oft-heard phrase that most of us do not believe in. Agree maybe, but believe? No. ‘It can’t seriously be all in my mind’ is the most obvious reaction. And...

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The emergence of Covid has changed a lot of practices that we would follow generally. More than seven months have passed since the Covid-19 became a pandemic. Hundreds of millions of people have lived...

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Mental health awareness has been steadily growing around the world, but not as much as it should be. Often, getting treated for a mental illness is considered as something to be embarrassed about. Tre...

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